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Very nice product

This is a pretty solid backpack for our two year old. It’s a great size against his back and doesn’t sit awkwardly. When I looked around for a backpack for him, I notice a majority of them didn’t have chest clips. That’s one of my favorite features because it helps make adjusting real easy and keeps the backpack on him. It’s also nice to have so if you need to grab your kid by the pack, it won’t slip off.

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Love this!!

I absolutely love this backpack for all of our cycling/ backpacking/camping adventures in the PNW. It holds a lot more than I thought it would and comfortably keeps everything needed for one people for a weekend. The bright blue color is super helpful also in case you get lost!

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Best value, great pack

My daughter loves this backpack! We really wanted something for school and adventures that wasn’t bulky and where her water bottle could go in a side pocket for easy access. Kids back packs are usually so cumbersome and uncomfortable but this one is easy for her to carry herself and the chest strap makes it great for long walks or biking.

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